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From your needs come our answers to your satisfaction. Our services are developed and suitable and adapted to your needs..

We seek with flexibility, to adapt the services dedicated to our client in a proactive way, offering simplicity in the execution of the shipments, with their permanent monitoring.


We work with the automotive, furniture, clothing, pharmaceutical, aeronautics, molds, metalworking and other industries.


All of our vehicles are equipped with a tracking and location system, which allows you to know where your goods are and the estimated delivery time at all times.


24-hour telephone answering service so you can get a service quote and start shipping immediately.

Why Puctrans?

At Puctrans we handle the transport of your company's goods, respecting the legislation in force and the strictest security measures, ensuring delivery at the agreed time and place, starting with the organization and subsequent planning, which allows a complete monitoring from the origin to the destiny.

Common Questions

Still have doubts?

With the simplicity of a phone call or email, we immediately start the process. We set the date and time of collection adjusted to your need and quote the total cost of transport.

Vans are not subject to driving control standards like trucks. They are light vehicles that can travel without restrictions, including on weekends and holidays. Complying with all speed rules like any car, they are the fastest land transport for your goods. The cargo goes directly from your business to your customer. For each destination, we always inform the estimated transit time, and if necessary we give the van position during the journey.

Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR).

You can consult this legislation here.

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