Our commitment to the environment is reflected in everything we do every day.

Puctrans is committed to minimizing environmental impacts. We strive to ensure that our fleet is of the highest quality possible. Our vehicles are regularly inspected by official workshops, where the recycling of all used spare parts and service fluids is guaranteed as much as possible.

How important it is to reduce the carbon footprint to plan transport so that vehicles do not use inefficient routes. Puctrans, reduces the environmental impact of business, making greater use of transport capacity and modernizing the fleet, transport equipment and facilities in which it operates.

Our company's environmental policy priorities include:
- Compliance with regulations, decrees and requirements arising from environmental legislation;
- Permanent contribution to clean air, minimizing vehicle pollutants, that is, the use of vehicles with the EURO 5 engine category and above;
- Integration of our business objectives with environmental objectives to eliminate negative environmental impacts;
- Minimize waste by separating it;
- Assess the environmental impacts of our activity and the introduction of preventive measures to prevent pollution of the environment in order to promote its protection;
- All investment decisions are also evaluated in terms of possible environmental impacts.

We are aware that, despite our great efforts, our activity has an impact on the environment. By strictly applying and following the principles of environmental policy, we strive to achieve our goal in this area - to treat the environment and natural resources as carefully as possible.


With the simplicity of a phone call or email, we immediately start the process. We set the date and time of collection adjusted to your need and quote the total cost of transport.

Vans are not subject to driving control standards like trucks. They are light vehicles that can travel without restrictions, including on weekends and holidays. Complying with all speed rules like any car, they are the fastest land transport for your goods. The cargo goes directly from your business to your customer. For each destination, we always inform the estimated transit time, and if necessary we give the van position during the journey.

Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR).

You can consult this legislation here.

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